Art and Technology, Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement in Art and Technology offers students the opportunity to learn and practice art and design-based technology skills used in a variety of industries for purposes such as personal expression, concept development, industrial/product design, and small-scale production of artwork for personal expression and/or rapid prototyping.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Solve visual problems by planning, researching and fabricating appropriate solutions.
  • Convey and express quantitative and qualitative information by utilizing a combination of technology-based tools (software, scanners and printing devices) and traditional 2-D and 3-D art media.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Required Core
ARTB 2Visual Fundamentals: Two-Dimensional Design3
or ARTB 3 Visual Fundamentals: Three-Dimensional Design
ARTB 4Color Fundamentals3
ARTS 10ADrawing and Composition I3
ARTG 10Introduction to Computers for Graphic Arts4
ARTG 11Introduction to Photoshop4
ARTD 7A3D Arts & Technology I3
ARTD 7B3D Arts & Technology II3
Total Units23

Please refer to the graduation requirements section of the Catalog for information about degree and certificate requirements including Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Information Competency, and General Education requirements.  

The model sequence of coursework below is one pathway for students to complete the program. The information below is not an official educational plan. An MPC Counselor can assist you with creating a personalized education plan based on your academic, career, and personal goals. Visit MPC’s Counseling website for more information about Counseling and up-to-date program requirements.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Visual Fundamentals: Two-Dimensional Design
or Visual Fundamentals: Three-Dimensional Design
ARTB 4 Color Fundamentals 3
ARTG 10 Introduction to Computers for Graphic Arts 4
ARTD 7A 3D Arts & Technology I 3
ARTS 10A Drawing and Composition I 3
ARTG 11 Introduction to Photoshop 4
ARTD 7B 3D Arts & Technology II 3
 Total Units23