Student Activities & Athletics

Associated Student Government

The Associated Students of Monterey Peninsula College (ASMPC) is the officially recognized student government association of the College.

The purpose of ASMPC is “to provide student activities; support student organizations; effectively represent the interests of the student body; increase cooperation between students, faculty, staff, the administration and the community; provide a forum for the expression of student opinion; develop student initiative and responsibility; and ensure equal rights for all students of Monterey Peninsula College.”

The ASMPC Council is the elected student government at MPC. It is composed of twenty-three students elected by the student body every spring. It consists of ten Senators, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Student Welfare, Statewide Representative, Director of Clubs, Director of Activities, Director of Representation, Student Trustee, Chief Justice, and two Associate Justices. There are also many nonelected positions such as committee representatives. The ASMPC Council oversees the work of the Student Representation Council, the Inter-Club Council, the Activities Council, and the Student Welfare Council. The ASMPC office is located in the Student Center. Stop by or call 831-646-4013 or go to for more information or how to get involved.

Student Body Cards

The ASMPC Student Body Card costs $10 per semester. This fee is optional. Among the benefits to cardholders are:

  • Free admission to athletic events sponsored by MPC
  • Access to MPC Library Services
  • Local merchants’ discounts
  • Discounted admission to all ASMPC-sponsored events
  • Access to MST discounted bus fares
  • Access to ASMPC Food Pantry

More information on how to obtain a Student Body Card is available at the ASMPC Office in the Student Center and at the Marina Education Center.

Student Representation Fee

The Student Representation Fee of $2.00 is an optional fee for the purpose of providing student government representatives the means to travel and attend conferences to enhance their goal in bringing forth the students’ view at city, county, and district governments, as well as state legislative offices and other government agencies.

Student Organizations and Clubs

MPC student organizations and clubs give students the ability to provide each other with diverse new experiences beyond the classroom. They provide MPC students with an opportunity to organize, meet and work together as a group. A common interest is what brings students together to form a student organization.

Student organizations can be social, creative, recreational, educational, cultural, religious or political in nature. Students may participate in club activities to expand an existing interest, to experiment with a new interest or to enhance a classroom experience. Student organizations also provide an avenue to meet new people, develop friendships and have fun.

Students should contact the Student Activities Coordinator in the Student Activities Office (831-646-4192) for information.

Student Trustee

The Student Trustee serves in a very influential position on campus. Serving for one full year beginning on July 1 as a member of the Monterey Peninsula College District Governing Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee may cast an advisory vote. The Governing Board is responsible for the “development, management, control and operation of all properties, programs, policies and procedures of the District and College.” The Student Trustee is also a voting member of ASMPC (Associated Students of Monterey Peninsula College).

Students who are interested in learning more about this position should contact the Student Activities Office or the Superintendent/President of the College.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Monterey Peninsula College offers intercollegiate athletic teams for men and women in fourteen sports. The seven men’s sports are football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, cross country, and track and field. The seven women’s sports are basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, softball, tennis, cross country, and track and field. Monterey Peninsula College is a member of the Coast Conference which includes seventeen community colleges located between Monterey in the south and San Francisco at the north.

Monterey Peninsula College abides by the provisions of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Constitution and Bylaws as well as specifications imposed by the Coast Conference and the Northern California Football Conference. A copy of the CCCAA Constitution and Bylaws is available in the Athletic Director’s office. The Vice President of Student Services in consultation with the Athletic Director will interpret the CCCAA regulations for all persons concerned. In order to be eligible for athletic competition, a student must be enrolled and attending class in a minimum of 12 semester units during the season of sport. In order to be eligible for a second season of that sport, a student must complete and pass 24 semester units between seasons of competition while maintaining a 2.0 grade point average. Additionally, student athletes must complete at least 6 units during the preceding academic term in which the student is enrolled as a full-time student at the certifying institution. Students will be assisted with establishing athletic eligibility, but the process often requires checking of records. Students are encouraged to start the procedure well in advance of the season of competition.

The CCCAA allows member colleges to recruit prospective student-athletes that reside and or attend high school within the state of California or outside the state of California. For additional information, contact the Athletic Director or head coach of the particular sport in which you are interested by visiting the MPC athletic webpage.