Theatre Arts, Certificate of Achievement

The Theatre Arts program allows you to gain skills sharpening your mind, body, and voice. The department offers a range of classes for those just getting started in performance and seeking general theatre appreciation all the way to more advanced specialized classes in physical theatre, mastering styles, or specific technical theatre study in stage craft, costumes, lighting, and sound. We currently offer AA degrees in technical theatre as well as performance, with specialized tracks in acting and musical theatre.

Learning Outcomes

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Required Core
THEA 1Introduction to Theatre3
THEA 15AActing I3
Select one course from the following:3
Main Stage Production - Comedy
Main Stage Production - Dramatic
Main Stage Production - Classical
Main Stage Production - Original/Experimental
Select 18 units from A, B, C, or D (a course can only be used to fulfill one area):18
Actor Training (AT): Select 9 units from area A and 9 units from area B for a total of 18 units
Musical Theatre (MT): Select 9 units from area A, and 9 units from area C for a total of 18 units
Technical Theatre (TT): Select 9 units from area A and 9 units form area D for a total of 18 units
A. Theatre Fundamentals
Script Analysis
Acting II
Introduction to Theatre Design
Studio Theatre - Comedy
Studio Theatre - Dramatic
Studio Theatre - Classical
Studio Theatre - Original/Experimental
B. Actor Training
Voice and Movement
Intercultural Drama
Writing for the Theatre I
Acting for the Camera I
Acting Improvisation
C. Musical Theatre
Modern Dance I
Jazz Dance I
Ballet I
Introduction to Broadway Musicals
Music Theory and Musicianship I
Applied Music
Voice Fundamentals
Piano I
Musical Theatre Techniques
D. Technical Theatre
Introduction to Film/Video
Intercultural Drama
History of Film: 1880s through 1950s
History of Film: 1950s to Present
Introduction to Stage Lighting
Fundamentals of Costume Design
Stage Makeup
Total Units27

Please refer to the graduation requirements section of the Catalog for information about degree and certificate requirements including Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Information Competency, and General Education requirements.