French Language, Associate in Arts

The French Language program at Monterey Peninsula College teaches the language using the well-recognized communicative approach, which emphasizes meaningful conversational interaction, direct work with authentic texts in the target language, linguistic competence with non-native, near-native and native speakers, and an awareness of French and francophone cultures. The Associate in Arts in French Language program is designed for students who wish to acquire verbal and written language proficiency and cultural competence. The French Language AA serves students who plan to pursue a career or further degrees in French education: language, linguistics, or literature, and/or other related fields, such as anthropology, archeology, art history, global/international studies, marketing, nursing philosophy, politics, and translation. Given Monterey’s status as an international travel destination, an AA in French Language can enhance opportunities for students interested in careers on the Peninsula in service industries, such as hospitality and restauration, or in localization and translation fields.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Engage in conversation and interactions with speakers of French using the necessary rules of pronunciation, grammar, and syntax.
  • Understand and interpret French and respond to it at all levels of proficiency.
  • Read, understand, and interpret French written works at various levels of proficiency.
  • Convey information, concepts, and ideas in written French to an audience on a variety of topics.
  • Exhibit a comprehensive understanding of French culture and its social and cultural influences.

Associate in Arts Degree Major Requirements

Required Core
FREN 1AElementary French I5
FREN 1BElementary French II5
FREN 2AIntermediate French5
FREN 2BAdvanced French5
FREN 50AIntermediate French Conversation I1.5
or FREN 50B Intermediate French Conversation II
LING 10Foundations of Language3
or LING 15 Introduction to Linguistics
Additional Requirements
Complete Competency Requirements, general education pattern (MPC General Education, CSU General Education, or IGETC), and electives, if needed, for a total of 60 degree-applicable units.35.5
Total Units60

Please refer to the graduation requirements section of the Catalog for information about degree and certificate requirements including Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Information Competency, and General Education requirements.