Dental Assisting, Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the program, graduates are immediately eligible to take the Dental Board of California licensure examination to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA). Graduates will also receive a state Radiation Safety License, Certificates in Infection Control, Coronal Polish, and the application of Pit and Fissure Sealants and a Certificate of Achievement from Monterey Peninsula College. Students who complete additional general education courses can earn an Associate in Science degree.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Perform the duties of a Registered Dental Assistant as identified by the Dental Board of California and necessary to pass the California State Board Examination.
  • Expose radiographs on patients according to standards identified by the California Dental Radiation Health and Safety License.
  • Perform coronal polishing procedures according to standards identified by the Dental Board of California.
  • Perform pit and fissure sealant procedures according to standards identified by the Dental Board of California.
  • Implement infection control measures while performing dental assistant procedures according to standards identified by the Dental Board of California and the Dental Practice Act.

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Required Core
DNTL 100Orientation to Dental Careers2
DNTL 101Dental Anatomy2
DNTL 102Chairside Assisting I3
DNTL 103Radiography for Dental Assistants2
DNTL 104Chairside Assisting II3
DNTL 105Dental Health Science2
DNTL 107Coronal Polish0.5
DNTL 108Pit and Fissure Sealants0.5
DNTL 111Dental Pharmacology and Oral Pathology2
DNTL 112Office Management2.5
DNTL 115Dental Specialties2.5
DNTL 116Supervised Clinical Experience5
Total Units27

Please refer to the graduation requirements section of the Catalog for information about degree and certificate requirements including Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Information Competency, and General Education requirements.  

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