Credit By Examination

The purpose of Credit by Examination is to provide students who have previously acquired knowledge and/or skills the opportunity to receive college credit for these achievements through an appropriate examination. Credit may be granted only for a course listed in the college catalog.

To be eligible for Credit by Examination, the student must:

  • be registered in the current term and in good standing,
  • have completed at least six units at MPC,
  • have never received a letter grade or is not currently enrolled in the course.
  • have not withdrawn from the course more than once.
  • have not received credit for a more advanced course in the same subject.

Students wishing to take a course through Credit by Examination are encouraged to informally discuss the matter with the department chair or discipline faculty member prior to initiating the formal process.

Students may earn Credit by Examination by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the request form available from the Admissions & Records Office,
  2. Meet with the department chair or discipline faculty member for further instructions

The following courses are approved for credit by examination in 2023-2024:

BUSC 109Keyboarding for Computers1
BUSI/HOSP 64Customer Service3
CSIS 9Programming Fundamentals: Python3
CSIS 10AProgramming Methods I: Java4
CSIS 10BProgramming Methods II: Java4
CSIS 10CProgramming Methods I.5: C and C++4
CSIS 51CDatabase Processing3
CSIS 77Web Design and Publishing3
EMMS 170AEmergency Medical Technician 1: Basic Training7
EMMS 170BEmergency Medical Technician 1: Basic Training Application2
ENGL 1ACollege Composition3
ENGR 2Engineering Design Graphics3
ENGR 4Engineering Materials4
ENGR 8Engineering Statics3
ENGR 12Engineering Circuits3
ENGR 12LEngineering Circuits Laboratory1
ENGR 17Programming and Problem-Solving in MATLAB3
HOSP 23Culinary Foundations I3
HOSP 51Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
HOSP 63Hospitality Supervision1.5
HOSP/BUSI 64Customer Service3
HOSP 81Bakeshop: Pies and Tarts1
MATH 17Finite Math4
MATH 18Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Biology/Social Science/Bu4
MATH 20ACalculus with Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 20BCalculus with Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 20CCalculus of Several Variables4
MATH 31Linear Algebra4
MATH 32Differential Equations4
MATH 40Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 260Pre-Statistics5
MATH 261Beginning Algebra5
MATH 263Intermediate Algebra and Coordinate Geometry5
MATH 351Pre-Algebra5
NURS 52ANursing I8.5
NURS 52BNursing II8.5
NURS 52CNursing III9.5
NURS 52DNursing IV9.5
NURS 54Nursing I Accelerated5.5
NURS 55Applied Foundations of Nursing3
NURS 65Nursing Role Transition3
NURS 65LNursing Role Transition Lab1
SIGN 2BAdvanced American Sign Language II5
SPAN 4SIntermediate Spanish for Spanish Speakers II5
THEA 15AActing I3